30. September 2017

Fermín Session Individual # 1

Fermín is a quite shy and timid guy and nearly does not talk. He brought his mascot and we animated it. Then we went outside to look for some backgrounds. Fermín is not a big storyteller but a very good photographer!

29. September 2017

Recyclers Workshop Result: "Basura Ficción - creado por los Valedores"

Los Valedores animated a short film with waste collected in the streets of Mexico City within 5 workshop sessions. Congratulations!!!!

Alfredo Session Individual # 1

Alfredo came without objects and without any ideas. So we started with an interview. He told me about the harborage situation of homeless people in Mexico City and about his personal live and destiny. Then we made an animation with the character he created in the workshop and improvised a short scene with a fish, that escapes his little aquarium and lands in the middle of a plate, ready to be eaten, when he escapes again in order to go back into his aquarium. Alfedo said: "Life is safer there".

28. September 2017

Recyclers Workshop Session # 5 @ MiValedor

Our last "Recyclers" session! We worked on the credits and the sounddesign. Everyone created a sound with the waste-objects or used his voice for his scene. In the end we discussed the title and decided to name the film: "Basura-Ficción, creado por los valedores". In the next days the result will be presented on this blog!

Fotos © Valeria Caballero

27. September 2017

Christian Session Individual # 1

Christian arrived without any objects to animate so we started with an interview. He mentioned that he does grafiti and we decided that in one of the next sessions he will spray a wall:

I explained him the Pixilation technique and suggested that we could do something in the streets. So we went outside and did some experiments:

26. September 2017

Francisco Session Individual # 2 / guest: Camaxtli & Fermín

Francisco was accompanied by Camaxtli and Fermín to his second individual session. They wanted to talk about their experience of the earthquake last week and make an animation about it later. So we started the session with an interview:

Then Francisco continued with his animation. He brought new objects and worked independently, while Fermín took the pictures.

Fermín brought a little mascot, which he wants to animate in his upcoming individual session. He wanted to introduce his little friend to us. The question was: it is a bear or a mouse?

23. September 2017

Hadassha Session Individual # 1

We started our session with an interview and then Hadassha demonstrated her collected objects and immediately improvised a scene:

She showed me her selfmade weapon, which she always carries with her in order to defend herself: a stone wrapped in a piece of black cloth. She animated this character instead of her other objects. She said, that this is the shadow of the night and called it "alma de arma y mortal" (the soul of the weapon and of the mortal). "Soy yo" (thats me).

Camaxtli Session Individual # 1

Camaxtli wants to animate a song called "Vivo Por Ella" from Andrea Bocelli. He wrote down all the lyrics and has already a clear vision about the visual scene. He is facinated by the lyrics that make you believe that it is about a woman, while it is about "la musica".

As it will be quite a work to animate this song, he will start with something more easy: two roses meet for a Rendezvous. This idea is inspired by street names in Mixcoac, an aerea of southern Mexico City: Calle Rosa Blanca, Rosa Vulcano, Rosa Damasco, Rosa de Castilla; Rosa de Bengala, Rosa Tartara.
For the session of today he quickly created a little caracter and the magazine "Mi Valedor":


21. September 2017

Recyclers Workshop Session # 4 @ MiValedor

Hadassha, José, Alfredo, Camaxtli, Isaías, Fermín, Franciso and Chrístian - the new Valedor! - finished all their figures and animation today!
Two days ago a terrible earthquake shook Mexico, houses collapsed and burried a lot of people. We all were shocked and still are. The most important in this apocalyptic situation is the community. So all of us were relieved to be able to continue our daily life today and forget at least for some hours about the sad reality outside.

18. September 2017

Francisco Session Individual # 1

Francisco is the first animator of the "Urbanoculi" project! He brought his collection of objects and explained, what he wants to create with these items:

And then he started to work completly on his own. During the animation session he mentioned, that this work relaxes him a lot. He will call this movie "GATEAR" (eng: "crawl").

14. September 2017

Recyclers Workshop Session # 3 @ MiValedor

At the third session José, Francisco, Hadassha, Isaías, Alfredo and Camaxtlí continued to design figures and animated 4 scenes.

Fotos © Delphine Tomes

9. September 2017

Recyclers Workshop Session # 2 @ MiValedor

At the second session we designed figures with the collected waste and started to animate them on the animation table. There were 2 more valedores participating: Hadassha and Isaías!

Fotos © Delphine Tomes